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    Posted on Aug 23, 2016

    We've launched a new product called RevivaWeb ( to provide a solution for a recurring problem we've seen in the past few years. There's a few of you out there who, quite frankly, have a really bad website.

  • ClinTrialWorks is Ready for Business

    Posted on Mar 23, 2016

    We've been proud to work with Level 413 Technology Solutions to develop the easiest and most cost effective clinical trial management system (CTMS) available. Below is the press release which was recently distributed. This is truly a great product, and just another example of how our software can make your business better.

  • Your Wordpress Site is Slow!

    Posted on Aug 19, 2015

    So, you have a Wordpress site because, well, your smart SEO guy told you it was the best to have. What this really means is that it’s the platform he/she knows how to use, but that’s another article. Now you’re wondering, “Why is my site so slow?”

  • Unique Content Isn't Enough

    Posted on Jul 06, 2015

    Content is King, right? You spend countless hours writing good content, publish weekly, yet no new traffic. In fact, you're still not even above the fold in the SERP's after several months of blog writing. What gives?

  • Pet Sitting is Getting Easier

    Posted on Jun 08, 2015, LLC will soon be launching the latest major update of their pet sitting software. ABK Technologies, LLC is proud to be a partner in that venture and we've worked hard to make the next release the best yet - ready for the newest generation of web users.

  • Knowledge vs Experience?

    Posted on May 30, 2015

    In many companies, there are a lot of very smart people. Some are super knowledgable, but lack experience, and some have years and years of experience, but are just too busy with other duties to keep up with the latest technology tools available. Rather than pointing out what each group doesn't know, recognizing the talents of others and using those talents to shore up your own weaknesses is the path to building a synergistic workforce and a valuable company.

  • Where Do I Start With Online Marketing?

    Posted on May 22, 2015

    Successful marketing is a process. It's not done haphazardly. It's not done without a tremendous amount of planning. The process should be planned, and the plan of action executed in a calculated manner.

  • How Do I Find the Right Keywords?

    Posted on May 17, 2015

    You've read all of the articles, and you know of all of the keyword suggestion tools available, but you still don't know how to put it all together and find the right keywords to use for content marketing? It's not an uncommon situation, even for those who pretend to know what they're doing. And, even some who may charge an arm and leg as your "SEO Guru."

  • Is Creativity Becoming a Commodity?

    Posted on May 08, 2015

    Daniel Pink, an outstanding author of several outstanding books, wrote "A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future." In it, he presented the general idea that creative skills are one of the last set of skills that hasn’t been commoditized. The book was published almost 10 years ago, and it may be time for new thoughts on the matter.

  • is Getting a Facelift

    Posted on May 01, 2015 is a project we built and manage, which automates discrete trials used in ABA-based instruction. It also tracks and reports data on the lessons, and provides a visual indication or progress. We're currently giving the site a much needed facelift in preparation for the development of a stand-alone iPad application using the same processes.